Concrete Polishing
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How much does it cost?

Whether commercially or residential, this concern most commonly raises question first. “How will price compare with other options?” As flooring experts, this is the most delightful of concerns to tackle for our clients. Whether one has brand new or retro construction, almost all of us have a concrete sub-floor. On NEW FLOORING, consider that materials average $2.50-$15.00 per square foot with installation charges ranging from $2.50-$6.50 per square foot; potentially averaging over $10.00 per square foot for newly completed installation. Concrete polishing on your ALREADY EXISTING floor however, averages from basic polishing at $2.00 – $4.75 per square foot; Without mentioning the incredible benefits, these are TRUE SAVINGS! On RETRO FLOORING, removal ranges on average from $2.00-$4.00 per square foot. Of course, replacing costs as listed above then come into the picture, creating a beyond massive bill for a consumer. After removal, reduce the costs of new flooring and labor and create basic, Retro-Fitted concrete polishing from averages at $2.00-$4.75 per square foot. Creating a potential savings of over $5.50 per square foot!