Concrete Polishing
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That’s Concrete? Park Your Car in Luxury!

Miami Beach, fl

One saying we love to use at Polish-Crete inc is “concrete isn’t just beautiful, it is fully customizable” and nothing says that more than this beautiful residential garage project. We opened this concrete with a 70 bond metal grit diamond. We than ground the floor with a 120 grit metal bond up to a 400 grit resin. Than we carefully measured out 36”x36” squares in which we stained with a uv protected concrete stains (Raw Sienna and Black) The floor was then ground with an 800 grit resin, sealed and burnished, creating this one of a kind garage. Who wants to park here first? A polished concrete surface is not only luxurious and durable, but also fully customizable. Whether it’s a high shine, matte finish, or anything in between, a polished concrete surface could be exactly what you’re looking for. Contact Polish-Crete inc today to set up your free estimate. Servicing South Florida and Central Florida