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Terrazzo Brought Back to Life!

From old and meek to New and Sheik! Terrazzo is back and better than ever! One of our favorite things to do here at Polish-Crete inc is to bring the life back into these old Florida style homes by refinishing the existing beautiful terrazzo that lies
underneath. In this example, that is exactly what we did!

This terrazzo floor was buried underneath carpet for the past 20 years! The tac strip holes were filled
with an epoxy and matching color aggregate, while the floor was ground down and refinished to a
smooth, clean, even surface. From that surface we used terrazzo specific polishing diamonds to achieve
this shine! It is then sealed and burnished to ensure long life and easy maintenance.

Terrazzo flooring is never to old to be refinished! Companies from all over are chagrining tens to
hundreds of thousands of dollars to lay down new terrazzo because of its increasing popularity.  We can
make your 1960’s terrazzo look EXACTLY the same! Contact  Polish-Crete inc today to set up your free
estimate. Servicing South Florida and Central Florida.