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About Us

Polish-Crete, inc. is the lead in full service concrete polishing, design, and restoration. Structured by economic and efficiency minded ethics and ideals, Polish-Crete, inc. creates for our clients an enhanced energy  friendly environment with exquisite, low-maintenance elegance. With over 25 years of combines industry experience, Polish-Crete, inc. provides the upper echelon  in knowledge and design, all driving with diligence the force that provides our clients with the best services rendered.
As an efficient company filled with efficient individuals, Polish-Crete, inc. strives to lead the industry in green practices. Agreeable upon most green communities, we all strive to leave a lighter environmental footprint. Polish-Crete, inc. facilitates JUST THAT by practicing green ethics, appropriate disposal methods in our processes, and efficient equipment, all while providing the customer with a proven source of efficiency and an unrivaled amount of beauty.
As our Lead Designer puts it best:
“Lets create an All-In-One floor. A completely luxurious and totally custom floor that reduces energy expenditure, creates a healthier living environment, and satisfies our clients semblance desires. Luckily for the client and ourselves, concrete provides us with this platform; a platform that every client already has existing in their home or business!”
-J. Ingrisano